Friday, January 20, 2017


This has been a soggy week in Northwest Tennessee. We've had one gulley washer after another. Don't know what a "gulley washer" is? Stop by my house for a visit, and you'll find out when you drive down the driveway.

All this rain and all this gray have a negative effect on my mood. I feel like I have a ball of tangled gray wool occupying the space between my ears. On the drive to campus this morning, my daughter interrupted my silent funk: "What are you thinking about?"

"Hmmmm?" I wasn't thinking about anything, at least not anything coherent. I was driving along on auto-pilot, lulled into a stupor by the static in my brain.

I can't think; I can't write; I can't carry on an intelligent conversation.

I answered my daughter, "We sure could use some sunshine."

She agreed.

Now, here's the interesting spite of all the rainy, gray weather, life is pretty much good. I have awesome kids. I have groceries in the house for the weekend and gas in the van. I'm in decent health for a fifty-something-year-old.

My mood, however, doesn't match the reality of all those good things. My mood is blegh. Emotions...they can be such liars!

This has been a soggy week in Northwest Tennessee. While I weather one deluge after another, God is still sovereign, still good, still loves me very much. Above all those dark storm clouds, the sun is still shining, regardless of how I feel.

According to the weather forecast, the sun will break through the clouds sometime early next week. I can't wait! In the meantime, however, over the weekend, I need to remember that the sun is still there.
No, we don't still have leaves on the trees in January! I took these pictures during a storm last summer, but they seemed appropriate for today's post.

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