Saturday, February 27, 2010


Today was the last day of HealthQuest's Biggest Loser Contest. The final results haven't been tallied and published, but I am confident I am NOT this year's Biggest Loser. Some of these folks have really knocked off the weight over these past two months!

Still, I feel like I am one of the contest's winners - managed to trim off right at 10 pounds during the contest, and that's with a wild week of excess when I actually gained back 2 pounds. (No, they wouldn't let me count that 2 pounds twice, when I lost it the second time!) Maybe this good start will set the pattern for the months ahead, helping me achieve my goal of reaching a size 12 by summer. Hey, my size 14's are already noticeably looser - definitely motivating!

Thank you, friends, for your words and notes of encouragement - they really helped keep me going. And thank you, Ginny, for not posting a bunch of Facebook updates about yummy food! I'm excited to have actually completed the contest AND to have consistently lost weight over the eight weeks. Maybe in a couple of months I'll write a post about shopping for a smaller size!


emily said...

That is great, Mom! I'm really proud of you for sticking it out, despite the backwards weeks!

Christian gal issues said...

Way to go Camille! That is my goal. I was actually doing well for............3 days! guess I will have to start again. You did a great job and you should be proud. 10lbs is hard to lose!


Ginny B said...

Yayyy Camille! I proud of u also, and your welcome that I have not been posting anything yummy on b/c I haven't been cooking anything that exciting lately LOL.