Friday, February 5, 2010


Okay, after that snarky last post, something a little "lighter" seems appropriate. Speaking of homeschooling, you MAY be a homeschool Mom...

1.) ...if you fix three meals a day, seven days a week, for everyone in your family. (Man, that's a LOT of groceries!)

2.) ...if you've ever overheard one of your children tell someone, "Oh, we don't go to school - we just stay home all day."

3.) ...if you've ever had a non-homeschool neighbor ask you to tutor their highschooler in math.

4.) ...if, when visiting a museum or historic site with other home-schoolers, the docent tells your children to "Line Up!" - and they gather in a mob around her. (We definitely need to practice this standing-in-line thing.)

5.) ...if your teenager is as comfortable talking to a 90-year-old or a 4-year-old as he would be talking to another teen.

6.) ...if your younger children respond with a blank look when asked what grade they are in.

7.) ...if YOU respond with a blank look when asked what grade your children are in. Hmmm, let me think a minute....

8.) ...if your kids don't get a school holiday for bad weather, but DO get a school holiday for good weather. Once that warm spring sunshine comes around, it's time to put away the books!

9.) ...if you have a microscope, a dissecting kit, and a container of preserved lab specimens in your pantry. No telling how many times I've stifled a scream after accidentally grabbing a giant pickled frog or worm. Blech!

10.) ...if, in April, you look longingly out the window at the yellow school bus driving down the highway...then think Nah! and turn back to talking about fractions with your 10-year-old.

11.) ...if a conference with the Principal means Date Night!

12.) ...if your kids believe that you understand them better than their peers and truly have their well-being at heart.

13.) ...if you know MORE about grammar and math and history at 40 than you did when you graduated from highschool.

14.) ...if the coolest people you know are the amazing young adults who have already graduated from the family "academy".

I know some of you, Dear Readers, are homeschoolers, too. How would YOU finish the sentence, You may be a homeschooler if.....?

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emily said...

1. you think all your siblings are terrific people, and consider them to be among your best friends.

2. you always wonder if you are missing out on something when your (church, other group) segregates people by age or situation, BUT

3. you sometimes have trouble talking with people your own age because you have no clue what music, movies, tv or other pop culture informed your own generation.

4. you still embarrass yourself in public by getting excited and talking really fast about ancient history, philosophy, or other stuff you learned in school.

4. you STILL can't stand in line :D