Friday, October 1, 2010


Ouch! My upper forearms were so sore yesterday morning. Any kind of movement triggered a twinge of pain. What on earth have I done to make my arms so sore?, I thought, rubbing the tight, balled up muscle in my arm.

Oh, yes, now I remember. I've been caring for a beautiful three-month-old the past three weeks. This week, MaryAnna has been a bit fussy - her tummy is adjusting to a new formula. Which means, I've been continuously holding a 20+ pound, angel-faced weight in the bend of my arm. I don't remember that it felt like a big workout at the time, but, boy, I sure am feeling the effects today!

I have a friend - we'll call her Jessica - whose firstborn is the same age as my oldest. When our girls were babies, we frequently talked baby stuff. Everything is new with the first child, and we both needed the reassurance that comes from comparing notes and sharing trade secrets. On one visit, Jessica shared that she had a rather serious health concern: periodically, her left arm would grow numb. She scheduled an appointment with her physician. The diagnosis? That thirty-pound baby Jessica was toting around on her left hip was straining her arm, causing it to fatigue and grow numb by the end of the day. Whew! It wasn't heart trouble after all!

Many moms of newborns may not be toned, trim, and tanned. In fact, they may be lumpy, bumpy, and pale. But you can just bet, underneath that soft exterior....good mothers have some awesome bi-ceps. Mr. Universe, meet Mommy.

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