Tuesday, October 19, 2010


November will soon be here, and then Thanksgiving! Time to stock up on fall-colored paper, tape, and sharpie markers. I thought I'd share one of our family's annual holiday traditions....

Using red, orange, and yellow construction paper, we cut out a stock pile of fall-colored leaves (think hundreds). One of the kids creates a large brown tree trunk, which is then taped to the dining room wall. Each day in November, everyone writes down two or three things we are thankful for on the leaves and we add them to the tree. Some "thankful leaves" are serious - like gratitude for our church family and friends. Some are totally silly - like thankfulness for pizza (Tom's favorite food) and for indoor toilets! By Thanksgiving, the wall is completely covered with brightly-colored leaves. It's always fun to see what is added to the tree each day, and it is a blessing to share with each other what things we are grateful for in this life.

Family life at our house certainly has it's share of ups and downs, of difficulties, of crabby days. But making leaves for our Thankful Tree? That is always a happy occasion.

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Shannon Sipe said...

Camille, We do this, too. I learned it from you! It is a great way to keep our eyes on the goodness of God!