Thursday, February 17, 2011


"Camille, I need to meet with you for a minute to discuss a problem I'm having in class with your son...."

"Mrs. Kendall, we need to reschedule dental appointments for A---, B---, and C---...."

"Hey, Camille, got a second? I think there's something you need to address with D---..."

"I've got a 2:00 appointment next Thursday. Can you have A--- here then?"

"Have you talked to B--- about working for me next week?"

"You'll need to make lodging arrangements for your kids..."

"Please have your children at the parking lot to meet the bus by 4:00..."

"I have a project that I'd like C--- and D--- to help me with. Can you bring them by my house one afternoon next week?"

I know it's part of the Mom job. But still, when I'm feeling particularly tired or stressed, I can't help but wonder, "Why don't you go talk to their Dad?"


Suzanne said...

My favorite is when I am seen alone in public being asked, "Is Leonard babysitting?" Leonard is NOT our children's babysitter. He is their FATHER. He changes bums, launders puked on sheets, cooks meals, prays with, puts to bed, wakes up, takes to the ER, listens to reading lessons, coaches teams, leads dens, packs, and troops, ties shoes, buttons sweaters, zips coats, wipes noses, sings lullabies (albeit Jimmy Buffet Songs You Know By Heart!), fixes Barbies, sweeps up sand, and more without getting paid a few bucks an hour just for being present while I am not. He LOVES our children. Being a good daddy is so very important. Our society degrades fatherhood by relegating it to sperm donation and babysitting. Real men make great fathers.

Ginny B said...

Good question, why is it they always come to the mother?? But why is it we always take it upon ourselves to take care of things anyways.
I heard somewhere where mom's are the neuturer(sp), discipliner(Sp) But dads are the ones who seem the most fun, and always are the ones who play. Even though Deon does do the others, he is still the one they will come to play with etc..
Sometimes, I feel like I'm just the maid and cook...