Monday, February 14, 2011


Who made these fairy footprints in the snow? I follow them over the hill, quietly, stealthily, but glimpse only a doe-brown flash vanishing among the trees.

Shhhhh! Listen! Who is singing, sighing, softly? Beneath ice, the creek warbles back to life after throat-cracking drought.

The sky is blue, but I hear Rain, rain, slip, drip, splash! Who is raining this sunny afternoon? The snow slip-sliding off the barn roof, ten-thousand tiny drops, sledding off a precipice into the freedom of sunshine.

A piper trills a shrill melody, silver notes slicing chilly air. Who whistles this warning of impending spring? A flash of gold, a smart black ascot, meadowlark flits from stem to stem.

Muck. Schluck. Squishhhh! Who has wet toes, freezy feet from tromping the thawing countryside? Me!


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Get the right illustrator and you have an fabulous children's book.