Friday, February 25, 2011


One of the wonderful things about being a homeschool mom - really, about being a parent, homeschool or not - is that you learn SO MUCH from your kids. Just last night, I learned who Dale Earnhardt, Jr. is...and I learned the name of his dad. Not that I'll recognize Mr. Earnhardt's face next time I see it on a TV commercial. But let's just say we had some good laughs over that little session of Mom's education in celebrity identification!

Driving Nate back and forth to UTM for classes during his junior year of highschool, I was introduced to country music. "Who is this artist?" "Is this the same group who sings....?" "I don't understand the lyrics - what are they saying?" Nate was a patient teacher: I don't remember him even once saying, "Could you quit asking so many questions and just listen to the music already?!" Today, not only do I know who they are, but I can also unashamedly profess that I do indeed enjoy music by Zach Brown, Easton Corbin, and Rascal Flatts. And how could I dislike anything sung by a guy with a name as cool as Darius Rucker?

This semester, I'm riding back and forth to UTM with Tom. Thus begins another phase of Mom's education. This term - rock-&-roll. Okay, I'm already familiar with old acts like Bob Seger, Santana, and 38 Special. But now, I'm becoming acquainted with even older rockers, like Tommy Lee Hooker and Muddy Waters. I can also tell you which Christina Perry song I like and which Shine Down tune plays most frequently this week.

Just as we pulled up to the house yesterday afternoon, a particularly significant song came on the radio. "This is one of the most awesome songs ever!" Tom enthused, cranking up the volume.

Okay, the instrumentals were pretty amazing. But the vocals? "What are they saying?" I asked. "All I can make out is 'HEY, HEY, HEEEYYY, HEY.....'" These guys sounded like they needed a dose of herbal tea and a vocal vacation - just listening to them made me feel like I needed a throat lozenge myself.

"Mom, this is AC/DC. They're saying, 'Back in black...'"

They weren't saying anything. They were screaming. With bleeding vocal cords. Sounded more like a gacking cat to me. Skip the AC/DC...I'd rather have ZZ Top's "Sharp Dressed Man" any day of the week.

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troal said...

Camille, you should totally listen to "Night Prowler." I promise you will have a new respect for AC/DC.