Thursday, February 10, 2011


The year 2011 is right at six weeks old. Me, I'm right at 47 years old - not too old to learn. And this year, already, I've learned some pretty significant things. Here, in no particular order, are a few of the things I've learned over the past few weeks...

American Sign Language is fun and relatively easy to learn, especially when you're learning with friends after a weekly pot-luck dinner. I guess having a lively, cute teacher helps, too - thank you for teaching us, Aimee!

Passive-aggressive is a game that takes two to play.

An eating disorder is like living with a monster inside your head. Feed the monster or feed your body - either way, somebody has to pay a high price.

Factories looking for entry-level workers for the night shift are NOT interested in fat, middle-aged women.

The world will not end if you do not have a green vegetable with dinner.

Your best friends are not the people who downplay or soft-peddle the truth in some kind of pretense of protecting you. Your best friends are the people who tell you the hard things you need to hear about yourself...and then give you a hug while they cry with you.

Antibiotics are very, very expensive. (You do the math: $2.75 per pill/3 pills a day/for a minimum of 10 days. Wowzer. I am so thankful my kids are usually very healthy!)

Cheap beer is as good as the pricier stuff, if enjoyed in the right company.

A hunter/trapper/rough-and-tumble outdoorsman can get a little crabby after two weeks on crutches. (Hang in there, Nate - only four more weeks to go!)

When I am trying to think of the words to communicate the idea "safe place" - I say the words "Katherine's kitchen."

When Mrs. Kay says I need to come over for a cigarette and a Bud Light...she's probably right.


Ginny B said...

You've learned alot so far, and I imagine you'll be learning more things in the next 6 weeks, thanks I've learned somethings too while reading this post. And I love the one about Kay, she's so funny! Got to love her : )

Anonymous said...

penicillin is just that blue fuzz that grows on oranges. But if you scrape it off, boil it down, and roll it into a ball, it suddenly forgets its humble origins and demands money for its attentions. Next time I get strep, I'm just going to buy oranges and eat the peels once they mold O,,,o


Camille said...

SO GLAD you're feeling better, Reuben!