Thursday, June 2, 2011


How'd you spend Memorial Day weekend? Did you attend a parade or memorial service? Chill by the pool? Grill out with friends? Judging from the folks I checked out at Wal-Mart and from their purchases, most folks in Obion County spent the holiday either fishing or hanging out at the pool. A few tackled projects around the house, like resealing their deck or painting a bathroom. Someone a couple of farms over even fired off a few fireworks that night.

Here at the Kendall house, we just had pretty much a regular weekend. I did get to read Tim Challies's latest book, The Next Story, and write my first-ever book review...that was kind of cool!

Something I've discovered over years of living with lots of kids is that holiday weekends are typically occasions for situations requiring the attention of folks who are out of the office for a three-day weekend. This past Memorial Day was no different. One son developed a fever and a red, nasty looking throat. Another broke his glasses. Something tried to eat the cat. And not only were the doctor's office, the optometrist's, and the vet's closed for the weekend AND for Monday - but I had to work.

Yesterday - Wednesday - was my day off this week. You know what I want to do on my day off? Nothing. At home. But life doesn't stop just because the calendar says you don't have to be on the clock. So yesterday, I made a trip to the bank, then to the optometrist's, and to the vet's. Home for lunch, then back to town. Another trip to the bank (this time, one of my kids had an errand to run), piano lessons (where I fell asleep on Mrs. Linda's sofa), and back home. Dinner, school paperwork...

My holiday weekend didn't feel much like a holiday. My day off didn't feel much like a day off. And summer break isn't feeling much like a break...although it is definitely feeling like summer! It's going to take me a while to adjust to this new routine.


Jessica said...

Where are you working? By the way, since having Locke I've really felt challenged to put away the electronics when he's awake. Years from now I want to be able to remember the time I spent with my son instead of wondering why I was checking facebook!

Camille said...

Hi, Jessica! I'm working at Wal-Mart. Re. the electronics, our local paper ran an article recently about research regarding babies/young children and television/computer screen time. The conclusions of the doctors involved in the project was that children under two should have NO T.V. time (I know that sounds extreme in 2011) because of negative effects on mental development and learning ability. They even went so far as to say that if other family members wanted to watch a movie or play a video game, they should wait until the small children were down for naps or somehow occupied in another room. Sounded pretty radical to me - and definitely flies against the whole "Baby Einstein" movement.

Jessica said...

Yes Camille I have to say I agree. I've made it a rule for myself that when Locke is home with me and awake I can only turn on music stations on the tv. He particularly likes classic country hits. :-) By the way, I worked at the pharmacy at CVS in Martin the summer Erik and I got married. I know how difficult it can be to work at a place like that and I will truly be praying for you!