Tuesday, June 14, 2011


1. Most of the people you meet in a day - probably 98% of them - are very, very pleasant.

2. The cashiers and CSM's at the Union City Wal-Mart are super patient and gracious to new trainees.

3. There are approximately 478 different ways you can pay for a purchase...and they all must be processed differently. And you can actually use all of them in the same order. Gack!

4. No, cashiers absolutely CAN NOT make change. That's what your bank is for.

5. Standing 8 hours on concrete makes your knees and feet ache and makes your calves burn like they're on fire.

6. The Federal government very badly needs to overhaul its food stamp program. This is a service that is so grossly abused that it would be difficult to even begin to describe. As a taxpayer - and a poor taxpayer at that - I have to say: we can do better.

7. Even though I say "Have a great afternoon" about a bajillion times a day, it still truly boosts my mood for someone to say "Have a great day!" to me.

8. Make eye contact, smile, and say "Hello" when you pass another person today - I guarantee they'll smile back.

9. I cannot sell tobacco products to anyone under age 18. I cannot sell alcohol to anyone under age 21. But I can sell condoms to a 12-year-old. Something is tragically wrong with that.

10. My children are amazing. (Actually, I didn't just learn this - I already knew it.)

11. People are beautiful.

12. We all need Jesus.