Wednesday, July 20, 2011


With 18+ years of homeschool experience under my belt, I've learned to recognize the "emotional cycle" of the school year. It's sort of like having birthed several babies. Braxton-Hicks contractions, labor, transition, delivery...don't get too freaked out by it all: just take a deep breath push ahead. (Bwahahaha!)

In April, homeschool moms look longingly out the window at yellow school buses driving down the highway. Looks so easy, so tempting. Sigh. Nope, back to work!

In January, there is this moment of euphoria: Hey, look! We're over halfway through your math book! It's all downhill from here, a race to the back cover.

But right now, late in July, my traditional homeschool emotion is PANIC! All the books are spread out on the table, piled against the wall, stacked in boxes...they are everywhere. And me, I'm mapping out lesson plans for the semester ahead.

Sure, there's a thrill of excitement and anticipation that comes with receiving new books in the mail. I love stocking up on looseleaf paper, notebooks, pencils, and markers at the back-to-school sales. And there is something comforting about the thought of settling once again into our regular school-year routine.

But definitely bigger than any buzz that comes from fresh notebooks and unopened glue bottles is the looming fear: How in the world are we going to get everything done?! Physics, high school English, trigonometry, world history, 7th grade math, piano lessons, art, grammar...Aiyiyiyi! I'm starting to hyper-ventilate!

Breathe. Slowly.

After 18+ years, I know...I know...that the first week of August, we will sit down around the table and open our books. We will do the first day's lessons. And then the next. And the next. This panic will pass. We will find our pace and our breath and will begin chugging through the work ahead.

And next May, we'll look up from our work and blink in relieved wonder: We did it! We finished another year of school.

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