Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Baby MA is back with us for the new school year. Mommy has just started a new teaching job at one of those schools that doesn't really have a summer break. (Year-round school? Crazy!) I have no idea how I'm going to pack homeschooling four students, working at Wal-Mart, AND babysitting a toddler into each day. I am already tired, and we don't even begin our school here at the kitchen table until next week. But, all that said, it is such a delight to have a baby in the house!

Today's funny observation...

We have a quilt spread at one end of the dining/family room that serves as a collection site for MA's toys and as a launching off point for her toodles around the house. She never sits on the quilt for more than a few minutes - much, much more fun to play Chase around the sofa with Martha or Ben, or to bumble about the yard picking flowers.

On said quilt lies a colorful, high-tech assortment of toys: books that read themselves aloud as you turn the pages, a baby that cries when you squeeze it, a musical octopus that sings the colors of the rainbow in English, Spanish, and French. MA's toy of choice this morning?

A red potato.

She laughs hysterically as she and Reuben roll a small red potato across the floor to each other. Reuben sets the potato on the table, and she stretches up-up-up to just reach it with her tiny fingers. Reuben rolls the potato under the table, and she races on hands and knees to retrieve it, laughing baby laughs all the way. Bonk!-thud-thud. She throws the potato, giggling as it tumbles away from her, then races to pick it up again. (Is there any sound sweeter than baby laughter?!)

Me, I'm kind of fascinated that a small red potato has trumped Leap Frog story books and a musical blue octopus. Go figure!

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