Friday, August 12, 2011


Ask me how I'm doing as I'm walking into the church building on Sunday morning and I may start crying all over you. Ask me how I'm doing as I'm walking out after worship and you'll get a totally different answer. Study and fellowship with other believers, then an hour of feasting, singing, and reveling in the beauty of my Savior...Sunday truly is a good, good gift from my Creator!

I think of my dearest friends in terms of perhaps odd metaphors. One I think of as a Red Hot Chili Pepper. Her vivacity, intensity, directness, and honesty stand in sharp contrast to the banality of so many relationships. Even her physical appearance and presence charge the air around her with a somewhat spicy electrical buzz.

Another dear friend is like dark chocolate, strong black coffee, or dry, dark wine. Complex. Intense. It takes time and long talks to truly savor the richness, the powerful emotions, the depth of love and thought and passion of this woman. Like deep water. Splash in the shallows and you won't know this woman at all. Dare to dive deeper and she will absolutely change your world.

Another friend is Sunshine. Even if you have never met this woman, stand in her presence five minutes and your spirit will feel noticeably lighter, brighter. Not that her life has been one of airy ease and innocence. Rather, like Gandalf, she has fought dragons in dark places...and has emerged glowing with the radiance of heaven.

And then, there is the Garden, all that is fair and lovely and green and growing. Bright blossoms bobbing in a gentle breeze. Deep roots, strong branches, cool shade. The gurgle of water and the buzz of bees. A fullness of life and of living, stretching up-up-upward, tendrils reaching out to embrace the world around her with grace and gentle welcome.

Spice. Wine. Sunshine. An oasis in an arid, often brutal landscape.

Today, I am reveling in this truth: God gives very good gifts indeed.

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