Friday, August 26, 2011


The clock glowed a blue "6:35."

Why did I oversleep so long?! I bolted out of bed and raced to the shower, praying the baby wouldn't arrive before I had dressed.

It stays darker later in the mornings now. Used to, the sun was already washing the sky by 5:30. Now, the sky stays sleepily gray until after six. And the sun is setting earlier, too...seems the parking lot at Wal-Mart grows black much too quickly.

Fall is coming.

Our high temperatures for this week are predicted to be only in the upper 80's. No 90's. No 100's. And folks have stopped talking about the heat index. Nighttime? We're looking for the mid-60's. Feels delightful outside in the morning and early evening!

School. The rush to buy notebooks and backpacks is over, and all the local kids are settled back into their school routines. My older boys are back on campus for fall semester. Those of us at home are clicking through math and grammar and World History.

Two of my boys have been busy recently working on deer stands and practicing with their bows. How many days until deer season opens?! Dove season begins next week - I sold a case of shotgun shells to a fellow last night who was stocking up for opening day.

Reuben planted turnip greens in the garden last week, and harvested the last of the summer honey.

It's not too hot outside to split wood.

The hens are going to bed earlier, sleeping in later. (Wish I were a chicken!)

The sky is a washed-out blue, like it's been faded by the summer sun. The air is cooler and softer and less dry.

I don't really think about how white my legs are anymore.

Martha mentioned hot chocolate yesterday, and a bowl of soup or chili sounds great for dinner.

Everything furry is suddenly frisky - the cat, calves, the horses, even the squirrels in the trees behind the house.

The sassafras trees are beginning to turn. One red leaf here, another there, among a thousand dark green ones.

The corn is drying into yellow-brown stalks. Soon, combines will be running around the clock.

A new lineup of Bible studies and classes at church!

The county fair has come and gone, and the high school football season is officially under way.

Mums, pumpkins, apples, cider.

This year is positively racing by!

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