Monday, August 22, 2011


Working three jobs - Mom/teacher/home-maker (wait, that's three right there), babysitter, and cashier - I find lately that I am usually very tired and more than a little strung out. Feels like I have fuzz for brains. Okay, quick side note: if you think most cashiers at Wal-Mart are dim-witted ninnies who can't process even the simplest tasks, RETHINK. Perhaps they are simply exhausted. You try operating day after day, week after week, on six hours or less of sleep. I appreciate these weary people so much more today than I did six months ago!

Okay, back to our original programming...

Anyway, I find that I am learning to appreciate even more the small bits of sunshine that manage to break through the fog of this current way of living. (I'm also finding that I have less and less patience with and tolerance for the unnecessary and self-produced clouds of smoke and darkness that occasionally pop up, in myself and in others. Got some real issues? Let's talk. Just in a bad mood and want to spout negativity? I'm not the girl you want to unload on.)

So this Saturday...WHAT A SUNNY DAY!

After several nights of getting into bed after midnight, I didn't know if I'd have it in me to get up and drag myself to our ladies' study Saturday morning. Managed to auto-pilot it over to Gaye's with Martha and Helen along, their bright conversation pulling me out of my sleepy stupor. What a blessing to study God's word with sisters in Christ! Ever felt, at a group study or during a Sunday morning sermon, that God was talking directly to you? Like He gathered all those people together just so that you, in the midst of the crowd, could hear a particular, precise word from Him? That was our study in 1 John Saturday morning. Yes, I was still tired when we pulled away from Gaye's, but I was also greatly strengthened and encouraged. God is so very good!

Then, arrived back at the house to discover that my four young men had taken it upon themselves that morning to pick up the house, sweep and mop the floors, clean the bathrooms, start the laundry, and mow the yard. "We knew you were tired and that you had to work tonight, so we decided to knock all this stuff out while you were gone," one son explained. That's some serious Sunshine! Yes, this Momma felt loved!

Here are a few other bursts of light from Saturday -

Martha and Helen finding they had some free time on their hands. "Let's do something fun." "Yeah." "I know, let's go sit on the swing and talk!" So they fixed drinks and snacks and headed for the front porch. Their laughter and conversation bubbled inside, where I was working in the kitchen. I love the way these girls love each other!

I headed out for a walk on the farm (that is sunshine in and of itself). On the porch, I found Reuben and Benjamin sitting cross-legged among an assortment of tools, nails, and wooden slats. Ben was helping Reuben construct a new super for his bee hive. I love the way these boys help one another!

Back from my walk, I discovered Tom and Nate fighting to clear a western town of outlaws. "Hey, cover my back! These guys are tearing me up!" Okay, I admit - I do not like the PlayStation at all. Not one bit. But, I love hearing my children laugh together!

And that was just Saturday. Sunday - feast day! - was still to come.

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