Friday, January 11, 2013


Sunshine after a week of gray dreariness - is there anything lovelier?  Makes me want to pull on a pair of rubber boots, venture out into the mud, and savor a bit of golden glory.

I met a friend earlier this week for coffee... a dose of an even better kind of sunshine.  We were intending to talk about writing, and we did.  But we also talked about motherhood and kids (Can two moms spend time together without talking about kids?), about relationships, about goals.  And somehow, we talked about Jesus.  Whenever I'm with this friend, Jesus always comes into the conversation.  In fact, He keeps coming up over and over.

Sitting there talking about life and struggles and dreams, with Jesus popping up all over our conversation, it felt like a warm sun rising in my heart.  If you had walked in and said, "Jesus is coming right now!  Let's go meet Him!" - I think my friend and I would have both replied enthusiastically, "Let's go!  Let's go meet Jesus right now!"

But Jesus did not walk into the coffee shop that morning, and He has not since then beckoned either of us to join Him in Glory.  My friend and I continue to walk this earth, where sunshine is lovely and where clouds sometimes blanket the sky from horizon to horizon.  Still, that taste of sunshine in the coffee shop refreshed me, made me want to pull on my boots, get out in the world, and chase the light.

Spread a little sunshine today.  Share the light.  Talk to someone you meet about Jesus.

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Suzanne said...

The lovely sunshine drew my family outdoors where the kids found a long snake sunning on a rock. That inspired photo ops with the reptile! Now we are chilly again feeding the furnace logs and that long snake is back in his subterranean home. God is good, all the time, even in cold snaps!