Thursday, June 20, 2013


"Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most." I don't know who first said this, but I'm definitely beginning to relate.

I had my annual check-up with the eye doctor yesterday morning. I juned about getting the men folk out the door, hurriedly checked off a few morning chores, then raced out the front door. Bingo! I checked in at the doctor's office at precisely 9:30. I was so proud of myself for being on top of the morning schedule - oh, yeah! (I'm just not usually very "together," folks, so it was exhilarating to be on time for once.)

Then began the waiting. I don't mind waiting at the doctor's office - it's quiet, and clean, and I can read a magazine or chat with new people. Yesterday morning, I spent the time writing a nice long letter to Tom.

Finally, I made it back to an exam room. The doctor came in to do his magic stuff with strange machines and flashing lights. Diagnosis: I have healthy, 50-year old eyes. This means, my vision has slightly worsened since last year's check up, and I have the very beginning of a cataract in my left eye. (Oh, that explains why my glasses never seem clean!)

As my doctor said, "Getting older has some positives and some negatives. This is just one of the negatives."

"I'll take it," I replied. "It's good to be fifty."

"Really?" the doctor responded. "A lot of people don't like turning 50...just the idea of getting older makes them feel terrible."

"The way I figure it," I explained, "I'm on my way home now. I've lived at least half of my life. I've paddled my canoe to the middle of the lake, and every stroke from here is toward the shore. I'm like a horse headed to the barn!"

Yep, you won't hear me complaining about being a year older.


When I finally returned home, I commented to my youngest that my appointment at the eye doctor's had taken much longer than usual - over 2 hours. I wasn't complaining, just surprised because they are usually pretty quick.

"Oh!" Helen suddenly remembered, "Right after you left this morning, they called and asked if you were coming in for your appointment. You were scheduled for 9:00, not 9:30."


This wouldn't be so sad if the doctor's office hadn't called on Tuesday and reminded me that I was supposed to come in at 9:00 on Wednesday morning - I talked to them myself. If I didn't have "9:00 - EYE APPOINTMENT" written in big black letters on my calendar. If I hadn't been so very proud of myself for arriving punctually at 9:30.

I have no idea what happened. All I know is that I got up yesterday morning with "9:30" buzzing around in my mind...

...where ever that is!

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