Friday, June 14, 2013


Camping in Martin this week while #7 is at piano camp, I have completely abandoned my home routine. Helen and I leave the house around 7:30 in the morning, and we don't make it back home until nearly 6:00 in the evening.

I have absolutely LOVED all the time to write - at the coffee shop in the morning, at the student center on campus in the afternoon. But, reveling in the freedom to write, I have not been home to do basic things like cook supper, run laundry, and tend the garden. Food and clothing - those sound kinda essential, don't you think?

My absence from home could trigger a crisis, except that . . .

Reuben has cooked us some absolutely fabulous meals this week. And mowed the yard. And weeded the garden.

Steve worked from home yesterday, finishing up some architectural drawings. AND, he kept the laundry going all day! I came home to find empty baskets in the laundry room, and stacks of clean, folded clothes on my bed.

Helen and I are pretty pooped by the time we get home in the evening, and it is truly wonderful to NOT be greeted by a mountain of chores when we walk in the front door. Instead, we enjoy a tasty dinner and then take care of the kitchen clean-up. In the remaining few hours before bed time, Helen practices the piano and completes her homework for the next day. Me? I pretty much chill.

Thank you, guys, for making this very full week a very great delight.

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