Friday, January 24, 2014


Yesterday was a "running" day - I felt like a locomotive chugging down the track!

School with Helen and work on writing projects in the morning. Feed the chickens, feed the horses, laundry, lunch, then off to pick up Martha at Martin, with a few stops for errands on the way. Zoom! Doctor's appointment, piano lessons, a stop by the florist's. Newspaper office - check. Gas for the van - check. Groceries - check. Zip! Back home, shuttle in the groceries, run out to shut up the hen house, switch over the last load of laundry, start supper. Whoosh!

This Mom job gets pretty hectic sometimes.

Yesterday morning, Helen took a break between her math homework and her reading assignment for history to doodle around on the banjo. While I was working on book stuff, Helen's playing and singing were a gift of soul-soothing music early in a run-run-run kind of day.

A very sweet pause in the midst of the hectic. Have I mentioned lately how very much I am blessed by my children?

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