Monday, January 20, 2014


Talking and praying with Reuben...

one of the most precious privileges I enjoy as a mother.

Because he truly listens
and he tries to understand
and he challenges me to think
and he doesn't make me feel stupid or weird
and he doesn't make light of my issues
and he doesn't apologize for being smart.

Because he examines everything in light of Scripture and desires to bring even the seemingly inconsequential details of daily life into conformity with the truths revealed in God's Word.
Is this truly biblical?
Or is this a cultural norm that the church has unwittingly adopted and simply tries to defend with Scripture?

He is not afraid to ask questions
or to let me ask questions.
He's not afraid of the possibility of unexpected answers.

He serves a God who is sovereign and good and loving,
and he inevitably brings me into the presence of that God.

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Anonymous said...

Talking with two of Ruben's students about his teaching. One said, "oh, he is realy smart." The other said "we dont mean, just smart, he is REALY SMART." Listening to him and his cousin talk theology made me think my head would explode. He is REALY SMART.Dad