Thursday, March 27, 2014


One of my favorite things about writing is - readers. Writers write to connect with others. When a reader is entertained by or can relate to or is challenged by something I've written, and then takes the time to tell me - Wow! - that makes my day!

Sometimes, writing feels like ghost work. A writer pours hours of hard work into a project, only to wonder if anyone reads it or appreciates all the sleepless nights, gallons of coffee, and multiple rewrites. Sitting at the keyboard, a writer can feel pretty isolated sometimes.

Yesterday in town, a lady came up to me with a huge smile plastered across her face. "I absolutely LOVED your book!" she exclaimed. She went on to tell me, "When I finished your book, I told my husband how much I enjoyed it. He said that I should write you a note telling you so, but I told him, 'No! I'm going to find Camille and tell her myself!'"

All those late nights and the tedious editing? Totally worth it!

So, I'm challenging you today to take a few minutes to hug a writer. Maybe you won't run into your favorite writer walking down the sidewalk in town this afternoon, but you can still give him or her a hug.


Write a review.

Click on over to Amazon, Barnes&Noble or Goodreads and write a few sentences stating what you liked about a particular book, or what you wish had been handled differently. (Even "bad" reviews are good, because they help writers refine their craft.) Write a review on Facebook or on a personal blog. Submit a review to your local newspaper.

When you write a review, writing becomes a dialogue. You connect with the person tucked between the pages of that book or hidden behind the screen of your Kindle.

By writing a review, YOU become part of the writing process.

Welcome to the world of writing!

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