Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Ice and snow on Sunday. Sledding and snow cream on Monday.

Tuesday, Ben and Helen created this fellow. He is standing in front of the house, right outside the kitchen window.

Every time I look out the window, I have to smile. He looks like he's waving excitedly and calling, "Hi! Come outside and play!"

Today, Nate joined Ben and Helen to create a snow menagerie. I guess you're never too old to have fun in the snow! I love seeing my kids playing together...

Helen crafted a cat, sitting tall and upright.

Ben made a unicorn.

Nate made a playful snow puppy and a kitten, rolling on its back batting a ball of snow yarn.

Later in the day, Ben headed back outside to make a mother goose and her goslings - just for Mrs. Donna!

One last photo: Helen working on her cat, surrounded by a unicorn, a puppy, and a kitten.

Because we homeschool, we usually don't miss school for snow and ice. (We have, however, been known to cancel school for spring sunshine.) Today, I'm glad that Helen did her schoolwork AND played in the snow. What a beautiful day!


Michelle said...

What a talented bunch you are! Those are some beautiful sculptures!!,

Suzanne said...

So pretty! Great play.