Thursday, March 20, 2014


To celebrate the arrival of spring - FINALLY! - Slow Sun Rising (Kindle edition) is available right now at Amazon for only 99 cents. The price bumps up a dollar each day until it is back at the original price, so get your copy today while it's really cheap!

On another note...

Speaking of spring, the sweet-breath-of-spring is in full bloom in the backyard right now. This is my favorite landscape plant in our yard - smells AMAZING, and the blossoms and scent are always so welcome after the cold and gray of winter. Thank you, Donna, for sharing a cutting!

The chickens are loving the sunshine and warmer weather, too - 8 eggs yesterday, up from the 3 or 4 we had been getting. The hens are roaming far and wide in the hay field this morning, looking for green shoots and chasing bugs. (By the way, does anyone want a gorgeously handsome, really-and-truly docile Welsummer rooster? I have three, but only need one. I hate to kill the extras, because they are so pretty and have such pleasant dispositions. If you're in the Obion County area and would like a free rooster, message me and we'll see if we can work something out!)

Thursday mornings at ADBC, Inc. Fitness Studio on the square in Troy, we have yoga led by a beautiful young woman named Erica. I am not a true yogini, in the strictest sense of the word - when exhorted to meditate on "the divine within," I thank God for the presence of the Holy Spirit, for Jesus, and for His sovereignty and providence. During practice this morning, I thought how wonderful it would be if all those who were searching for their "center" found their center in Jesus. I guess you could say I was praying for a yogi revelation/revival - would that make me a yogavangelist?

Blue skies, sunshine, and warmer temperatures. Bible (in Joshua now), yoga, breakfast, and laundry. School today, and writing. Then grocery shopping and piano lessons. Looks like today will be a wonderful start to spring!


Michelle said...

Ha! I have two Welsummer roosters too many. :-) Great minds...

Anonymous said...

Joshua and the big honking Amalekites!