Friday, November 26, 2010


After baking pumpkin pies and chopping mounds of fresh fruit for salad yesterday morning, I went for my walk on the the farm...figured if I didn't get out before the feast/festivities began, I might not get out at all. The weather was warm (low 70's) and drizzly, but still pleasant for a long walk. Walking is a coveted time to breathe, move, think, and pray. For various reasons, I had such a heavy spirit when I headed out, and I was grateful for the opportunity to be refreshed before facing the social demands of the day.

Random thoughts while walking...

I really should wear hunter orange when I'm out on the farm. Deer rifle season is now in full swing. I always ask the boys before they go hunting, "Got your hunter orange?" But, I'm not hunting. I'm just walking, and no one should be hunting back on the farm when I'm out for my hike anyway. Nothing to worry about, right? Except the occasional neighbor who "accidentally" crosses the property boundary. And rifles that shoot a bullet a mile. time I walk, remember hunter orange!

Guess what I found in the creek bed below the new erosion levees? Puddles! No running water, but enough water that I did have to step carefully to avoid muddy spots. And my shoes and socks were soaked through by the time I got back home. That hasn't happened in months.

After several months of walking three or four times a week, I am happy to have lost some weight. However, I don't seem to have lost any mass. Everything still fits the same. I was hoping that by now, my frazzly jeans would be literally falling off. Not happening. Hey, I could use a little motivation here! What's the point in walking so many miles if I still look like a potato?! Many years ago when I was frustrated with my fitness routine (or lack thereof), a friend wisely encouraged me..."Camille, you don't have to exercise every day of the week. You only have to exercise one day - and that's today." Remembering her advice, I finished my four-hill, forty-minute hike, and checked today off. That was yesterday - Thursday, Thanksgiving. Today - Friday - is a new day. The air outside is cold now (the temperature here dropped 40 degrees in one afternoon) and the sun is shining in a bright blue sky - looks like today is a good day to go walking!

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