Wednesday, November 10, 2010


My November calendar is crammed commitments, appointments, and social engagements, the square "Saturday" boxes black with tiny scribbling. Just out of curiosity, I flipped pages backward in the calendar, looking for a Saturday that wasn't booked solid. Way back in early August, I finally found a Saturday with less than two scheduled events.

Some people (like my mother-in-law!) thrive on bustle and activity. Two days in a row at home with no visitors, no excursions, no party - that amounts to insufferable boredom. Me? I enjoy seeing friends, celebrations, adventures in the big wide world - but I also have to have down time. Quiet time. Time with nothing scheduled. Time to rest my body and my mind. Time for restoration.

So, back to my crazy November...piano lessons, livestock judging classes, Woodmen lodge meetings, babysitting MaryAnna, weddings, funerals, Bible studies, nursery duty, music festivals, birthdays,....Thanksgiving! If I think about everything on the calendar at once, my head might explode. Where, in the midst of so much activity, will I find any time for rest and quiet reflection?!

Tuesday afternoon, I took advantage of the sunshine and warm temperatures and enjoyed a long walk back on the farm. Forty minutes, four big hills. Only my own breathing and the crunch of fall leaves underfoot to break the soul-soothing silence.

Yesterday evening, a pause in a busy day to meet and pray with a friend. Prayers for each other, for our families, our church, our leaders. A quiet, musty, dimly-lit basement became a place of rest and restoration.

Today, before the tribe was downstairs for breakfast, I sipped an early-morning cup of coffee and continued my journey through Jeremiah. More and more, I find that quiet time in Scripture - even in sad or difficult passages - is such a tremendous comfort and blessing.

Fifteen minutes of shut-eye after lunch, while we're taking a break from schoolwork. Half an hour alone under the stars, bundled in the dark against the evening chill. A glass of wine and a crossword before bed....

Some people don't seem to need rest or solitude. I go crazy without them. Thankfully, when I'm at the end of my frazzled rope, God provides just the rest I need.

What about you, Dear Reader - How do you catch your breath in the midst of life's busy-ness?


Jenny said...

Stop school and go out in the SUNSHINE with the kids for a few minutes.

Sneak a piece of dark chocolate from its hiding place in the fridge.

Stay in bed an extra 20 minutes to snuggle with Audrey, as she sucks her fingers and rubs Baby on her nose.

Camille said...

Hahaha! Do all women have a secret chocolate stash in the fridge/freezer? :) Ooooo, this sounds like a good topic for a survey!

Suzanne said...

My secret stash in the refrigerator is red wine. I just don't like it at room temperature. My dark chocolate is behind my food scale in a cabinet at room temperature ready to melt in my mouth at any moment. Isn't it nice that it comes in those jumbo bars?!