Monday, November 10, 2014

THE FOUR P'S (Groom, Part 3)

Over at Carmel Conversations, Noel posted in "Praying Friday" that she prays for her sons that, in their marriages, they will be the Four P's - Priest, Prophet, Protector, Provider.

Priest - praying over their homes and seeking God on behalf of their families.

Prophet - talking to their families on God's behalf, and teaching them the word of God.

Protector - gatekeepers, watching over who/what comes into the home.

Provider - doing what it takes to put food on the table.

Young groom, I think you can glean much from Noel's earnest prayers for her sons. And, concision NOT being my strong point, your own mother (who also prays for her sons) wants to add...

Priest - Pray for and with your wife (and future children) every day. Your prayers do not have to be long or eloquent, but they should be consistent and sincere. I can't tell you how much it will bless the heart of your wife - and how much it will contribute to her sense of union/oneness within your marriage - for her to hear you, her husband, lifting her name to the throne of God.

Prophet - Read Scripture together with your wife every day. Don't make this complicated, or you'll end up not doing it - read a chapter a day, or even a few verses. As the head of your new household, you initiate this, making it a priority to develop a family habit of looking at God's word together daily. Also, talk with your wife about what you are reading and learning on your own, and about what she is reading and learning in her personal study.

Protector - Endeavor to be a vigilant gatekeeper, watching over who/what comes into your home. This is more than just getting a handgun carry permit and packing heat. This is protecting your family mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, as well as physically. What do you allow into the home - when you put that movie into the DVD-player? When you click on that internet link? When you talk about the pastor's Sunday-morning sermon? When you relate conversations from the office? Be mindful of your wife's conscience and protect it. Do you know her particular frailties and do you endeavor to gently strengthen her in those areas - or do you run roughshod over her and tell her she needs to just "toughen up"? Be her protector.

Provider - Do what it takes to put food on the table and shoes on the feet. This may mean working multiple jobs. It may mean passing up that once-in-a-lifetime deal on a new deer rifle or skipping this year's fishing trip with the guys. It will definitely mean working hard, planning ahead, budgeting, delaying gratification, and dying to self.

Priest, Prophet, Protector, Provider. It's a big calling.

In fact, I can guarantee that it is bigger than your ability to fulfill.

Thankfully, you have an Elder Brother who does all of these things excellently, who is exactly the type of husband you should strive to be. He is very gracious, and He is eager and able to help you in this journey - to strengthen you when you are weak, to cover you when you fail, to pick you up and push you forward when your endurance wanes, to carry you when your strength is completely spent.

Young groom, learn quickly to lean hard on Him.

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